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Screen Dance Films

Nikaō (2019)

A short dance film, with the title meaning "to conquer" in the Greek, about the complexities of a relationship that requires strength, courage and boldness to speak up in the face of violence.

Sawari' (2019)

The intentions of my research inquiry are to explore personal disconnections that arise from a lack of connection to cultural identity and the role this disconnection plays in the mind and body from transgenerational trauma and present day lived in experiences. This film became an extension of a performance I created from research that focused on a restorative process through storytelling, confronting the past and making peace in the present. This screen dance is a response to this confrontation and restoration through movement and moving images.  

'Out in the Open' (2019)

To view 'Love, Us' (2019)  click here

To view 'Zeteo' (2018) click here.

Please click HERE if you are interested in commissioned work, collaboration or for a cultural dance artist resident.

Promotional/Professional Videography

Mercy WORLDWIDE Promotional Video | American Red Cross "Sound the Alarm"

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